U.S.A. Visas for Thai citizens

U.S.A. Visas for Thai citizens, 90-Day fiancee visas, marital visas, J-1 Trainee visas, US Tourist Visas, and Green Card Visas for permanent residence in America

My name is Walter Drake and I am a lawyer that helps Thais obtain US Visas. I have personally handled marital visas, fiancee visas, J-1 trainee visas, US Tourist Visas and permanent residence visas (Green Card) for Thai citizens.

My wife is Thai and is fluent in English and Thai language, so helping you can be done easily.

Unlimited conferences and discussion and answering your questions via LINE, which permits free calling and free message texting internationally. I am also available in the US by phone, email, and LINE ID.

I know the procedures shown on the various US Immigration web pages. I know how to fill out every form.  I will not just send you the form to fill out, I will help you fill out all necessary forms once you give me the needed information.

If you are a US citizen that is trying to bring your friend or wife or fiancee over to the US, I can get help you be successful.