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Although the Company believes that it could successfully raise funds by the sale of its stock via its website, as interested people visit, like what they see, and are willing to invest, unfortunately this is not permitted. We are required to go through a crowdfunding platform or other funding apparatus approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Company has elected to proceed by way of a crowdfunding platform, either a traditional platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo wherein shares of stock are not offered to the public; or by way of one of the approved new equity funding platforms.

If “perks” are needed for investors, particularly with the traditional non-stock funding, we have available significant tuition discounts for investors that may be used by any member of their family to allow attendance at Blue Marble University at greatly reduced cost. We can give you further information on our proposed perks, if a non-equity based crowdfunding platform will be considered.

What We Will Do: We will take care of all application fees required for a crowdfunding platform, and handle all legal paperwork, such as Form C, a prospectus if necessary, and provide relevant required financial statements of Blue Marble Education Group Inc. by a qualified accountant.